Monsanto and aspartame, the Bonny and Clyde of our pantries

Rather than researching which brands are affiliated with Monsanto it would be easier to find out which ones aren’t. It would make my next trip to the grocery store easier. I see many name brands that we use on a regular basis like Campbell’s, Heinz, Hellmans, Nabisco, Nature Valley, Quaker, V8, Kellogg’s, and Kraft on the list of manufacturers who are linked to Monsanto.

At one point in my life, I was drinking one can of diet Pepsi every day.  It had to be very cold, in a short glass, and with just the right amount of ice.  Too much ice could ruin it and not enough ice could ruin it.  Many factors could ruin the fizziness of the pop so I had it down to a science.

The monkey on my back.
The monkey on my back.

I would put my pop drinking off until night time so I could look forward to it all day and the risk of having a second can was low.   I would have one can of pop each night at 8pm.  I did this for many years.

Aspartame is socially acceptable heroin

I had a socially acceptable monkey on my back.

Then one day I cracked open my diet Pepsi and after my first couple of sips I felt shoots of pain behind my eyes.  I figured I was dehydrated so I drank a glass of water.

The next night, and the next night, I got the same pains behind my eyes right after my first few sips so I started drinking a glass of water before my can of diet Pepsi.  I made excuses like my stress doesn’t surface until I relax at night with my diet Pepsi – this must be a stress headache.  Then I tried drinking two glasses of water before the diet Pepsi but nothing was working.  I had to face facts that it had been weeks and there was a direct correlation between me drinking diet Pepsi and getting immediate headaches.

People had been trying to scare me for years, telling me the horrors of aspartame but I was hooked and didn’t care – but now I was scared.  I decided to do an experiment and though it was hard, at 8pm one night I did not drink my diet Pepsi.  The headache never came that night. I did the experiment the next night and no headache again, then the night after that I drank one and the pains came.  It was official, this Pepsi was affecting me negatively.

It was a rough go but I have not had a sip of diet Pepsi in over a year.  I still really want one though.

It may sound silly but kicking that habit was one of the hardest things I have done. Social temptations were everywhere: one sip won’t kill me, oh but the bottle is open and I will end up just pouring it out, I bought it for you though.  It was hard but now the people in my life know that I am serious.

Here is the list of companies that use ingredients grown with Monsanto seeds.
Here is the list of companies that use ingredients grown with Monsanto seeds.

Monsanto is the new aspartame

Around the same time as quitting pop, I started getting worried about preservatives and what else is in my food.  I have made some small changes in what we eat.  Some of the changes being: having our own chickens, growing our own vegetables, and not eating deli or processed meats anymore, and eating the other fresh meats less frequently.  It is just a small change but I think long run it may help us.

I am confused about this Monsanto uproar and I don’t know enough details to be an expert.  I read about it often but there is so much conflicting information.  I can gather without a doubt though, that Monsanto is bad for the planet.

I just read the popular Monsanto company boycott list.  These companies are not owned by Monsanto but they sell their genetically modified seeds to the farmers grow their ingredients. Sounds just as scary to me.

Are people actually boycotting this huge company called Monsanto?



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